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JAF’s Mission to Equip Youth for Employment


Subhatha, Kimberley, Emeka and Matthis

At the Jimmy Asher Foundation we not only support young people through our various youth activities, workshops and mentoring, we also do our best to provide opportunities for them to develop employment skills for the working world. We do this through offering regular internships and work placements for year 10 pupils, school-leavers and international students who wish to gain experience of working in the UK while improving their language skills.

For the past few months we have taken on some outstanding young people who have endeavoured to learn new office skills and gain vital experience. Some even brought existing skills to share with us at JAF.

Maurice (JAF Office Manager), Subhatha, and Joseph

Subhatha Thillaichivam joined us in May for a two-month internship from France, via MPA Coaching, an organisation that matches French students with internship roles in the UK. We’ve been fortunate to have partnered up with MPA Coaching for several years now and have taken on many French interns. But Subhatha was an absolute superstar of an intern! From redesigning our promotional brochures to making much needed improvements to the JAF website Subhatha took the JAF office by storm, working meticulously through various tasks with great enthusiasm contributed. Subhatha contributed so much to JAF in the time she spent with us, and she sure made a big impact!

Joseph and Kaylee

Kaylee Adinolfi Lambeth Academy was with us for just one week in early July, but she worked very hard, quietly focusing on in depth research, sourcing vital contact names in organisations and inputting data on our systems.

Kimberley, Joseph and Emeka

Kimberley Efejuku and Emeka Ezebuiro from The Ravensbourne School in Bromley also joined us in July, Uploading the latest news and information onto the JAF website, ensuring we had up to date details for our contacts.

Kimberley was always punctual and very attentive to the tasks she was undertaking. She demonstrated excellent communication skills with an impressive telephone manner. Emeka was full of enthusiasm, and was eager to learn about all aspects of running a business as he aspires to start his own business in the near future.

Joseph and Matthis

Matthis Dossou from Université de Pau et les Pays de l’Adour, another French intern that joined us via MPA Coaching. Matthis is a very creative individual, a budding designer who is helping us with our videos by posting them on JAF social media platforms and is doing the same for our B2B Basketball pages and our Co-Founder Joseph Maye’s international transportation venture, Joe Ride. Matthis is still undertaking his internship with us and is making a great impression at JAF.

We’re so fortunate to have played a part in shaping the early working lives of these young professionals and we wish them all much success in their chosen career paths.

If you would like to enquire about volunteering with the Jimmy Asher Foundation, please visit us at



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