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Tooting Youth Charity team up with Tennis Foundation


The Jimmy Asher Foundation has teamed up with Great Britain’s leading tennis charity the Tennis Foundation ( and will soon be offering a new Tennis programme for young people in and around South London.

A number of JAF sports coaches will undergo training to become ‘Tennis Activators’ and deliver the Serves tennis programme across the schools and youth clubs that we currently work with. We have also arranged for selected Youth Workers and Young Leaders from Wandsworth–based Providence House Youth Centre and S.T.O.R.M Youth Club to be trained too.

The Serves programme aims to make tennis inclusive and accessible to all, even those in disadvantaged communities, teaching young people how to play tennis in a more relaxed and informal format. The programme utilises pop-up courts and adapted tennis equipment such as softer balls and smaller sized rackets.

As our trained Tennis Activators will have local knowledge and familiarity with the youth clubs/participants, they will have the option of adapting several aspects of the sessions, resulting in tailor-made programmes to suit the needs of each group of young people.

During the programme the Tennis Activators will also provide on-court support with self-confidence, basic nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle as well as talking about challenges the young participants face in everyday life and any aspirations they may have. This guidance can really motivate and empower the young people.

Through participating on the Serves tennis programme, the young players will not only have fun, but also increase their confidence, learn new skills and develop a healthy competitive drive. We look forward to working with the Tennis Foundation and bringing new skills to our youth.

We’ll keep you updated when the tennis sessions begin, but in the meanwhile, check out our other sports and media workshop programmes for young people on our website or connect with us on social media.



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