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Our programmes have been developed to increase youth participation in sport and to create a clear path from the grassroots level upwards.  We promote inclusivity , providing accessible programmes for participants of all levels of ability.  We particularly encourage girls to take part in traditionally male-dominated sports.


All of our activities are delivered in exciting new formats to support healthy lifestyles and streamline a pathway into sports clubs.  This is achieved through one-day events and/or continuous sessions in schools and youth clubs across the UK.  Participation is awarded with certificates and winners also receive medals or trophies.


We have successfully delivered workshops across London in the following categories:


Through a partnership with Communities First we deliver B2B, a dynamic 2 on 2 format of basketball. Players compete in fun and and fast-paced 6 minute games where regualar B-Ball rules apply.  Available as a six-week programme or a one day sporting event during school holidays. We also feature a mix of motivational youth speakers and performers as part of event days to inspire all who attend. 


Our boxing sessions involve training drills and exercises for both boys and girls, building strength, discipline and self esteem.  Courses are provided by ABA qualified boxing coaches with up to 15 years experience in the community.  The sessions take place in a safe and comfortable environment for all to enjoy.


Handball is one of the fastest growing sports in the UK and once you've tried the sport, it's easy to see why.  Running, jumping, throwing and catching give participants a full athletic workout during each competitive game and our courses boost communication, teamwork and leadership skills.

Mixed Martial Arts

Top professional fighters teach the essentials of Mixed Martial Arts, with self-defence styles that empower youth and improve confidence, as well as fitness and flexibility.  Although Mixed Martial Arts is often wrongly perceived as an agressive sport, our classes educate young people on the positive aspects such as discipline and self control.  The practice of MMA also encourages positive attidues to fitness and general mental wellbeing.

Table Tennis

This high octane sport demands fast and precise reactions.  Gain these skills on one of our six to eight week programs, along with increased self confidence, a competitive spirit and improved concentration.


Due to the recent success of the national team, there has been a huge surge of interest in Volleyball in the UK.  V4V, our high-energy 4-on-4 sessions, increase the fitness and coordination skills of boys and girls alike.

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