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Celebrating Youth Empowerment in the Community: The JAF Annual Memorial Event 2023


The Drum Call collective opened the award ceremony

On the 14th of October, the Jimmy Asher Foundation hosted our annual memorial event for the 10th year running. The event is held in remembrance of the late Jimmy Asher and his son Donovan Maye - the father and brother of JAF CEO Joseph Maye. It is an occasion to celebrate and give updates on the achievements of the Foundation, with an awards ceremony to acknowledge the local heroes who are at the core of the Jimmy Asher Foundation's success. From outstanding coaches and session leaders, to trustees and community advocates, these individuals dedicate their time, skills and energy to nurturing our youth by consistently supporting our youth-oriented initiatives throughout the year, so we thank them with certificates and gifts.

The ceremonial proceedings commenced with our tradition of celebratory drumming, this year performed by the talented Drum Call collective.

As Joseph called the honourees to the stage, each recipient grasped the opportunity to reciprocate by expressing their appreciation for the ways he had inspired and supported them on their own journeys. It was evident that Joseph has transformed countless lives through his dedication to empowering the community in various ways. It was a truly touching moment filled with much emotion.

Cllr Joan Henry is a staunch advocate of JAF

Another highlight of the evening was the former Mayor of Merton, Cllr Joan Henry presenting the Jimmy Asher Foundation with a generous cheque for £10,000, strengthening the Foundation's bond with local authorities in their shared commitment to youth work. JAF was one of two charities chosen by Cllr Joan Henry to support during her term as Mayor, though she has championed the organisation from the very beginning.

As if this wasn’t enough, Cllr Joan Henry also organised a raffle on the night, raising additional funds to support the Foundation's activities.

It was a heart-warming celebration, and the Balham Post venue was filled with community spirit. Guests danced the night away to the sounds of DJs Krystal Fingaz, TS, Supa D, Fari Hawkeye, Metro, Weng Weng, and Marshalleck Movements.

As the night concluded, it was evident that the annual memorial event had been a success, highlighting the achievements of the Foundation's youth programs and the unwavering support of the community. The event was a culmination of gratitude, mutual respect, love and empowerment, which perfectly embodied the Foundation's ideals and core values.

Emotions ran high at the awards presentation


Photo credits: Michael Mapp Photography

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Connie Olaare Hadley
Connie Olaare Hadley
03 de nov. de 2023

God continue blessing Jimmy Asher foundation for the great support in different communities. One love

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