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Empowering Youth Through Sports: @Merton Ballers Tournament Recap and Weekly Sessions Announcement

Last month we partnered up with Unique Talents, Southwest Runs, and Croydon Elite to bring you @Merton Ballers 3v3 Basketball Tournament held at Harris Academy Merton. It was a day filled with energy and excitement as players demonstrated their skills on the court.


The tournament, held on the 15th February was a testament to the hard work of the organisers and the enthusiasm of the players. Due to high demand, online registration closed a day before the event and we had a big turnout of over 60 young basketball players from our local community. Participants were diverse in age, with representation from ages 13-17 years.

 It was truly heart-warming to see the passion for the game on display as well as support from the parents and guardians who attended. Their support highlights the importance of initiatives like @Merton Ballers in bringing the community together and encouraging young athletes.


Building on the success of February’s event, we're pleased to announce the launch of the @Merton Ballers Weekly Thursday Sessions, starting on Thursday 21st March, 6pm-8pm at Harris Academy Merton. We welcome boys and girls age 12-17. The programme will be led by Croydon Elite Basketball Club and supported by youth mentors provided by the Jimmy Asher Foundation. These sessions will be a valuable opportunity for young ballers to develop their skills in a supportive environment.

What makes our programme unique is the collaborative nature. Unique Talents will work alongside the young people and their parents, listening to feedback and making adjustments over time, ensuring that the sessions are shaped by their needs and preferences.


As partners, we're committed to supporting the @Merton Ballers programme in alignment with Unique Talent's mission to empower young people through basketball. If you’d like to participate, volunteer, or even spread the word, we welcome your involvement.

Please register for the sessions here: @Merton Ballers Registration

Let's continue to make a positive impact in the lives of young athletes and build a stronger basketball community together.


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