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JAF Global: Help Us To Collect Supplies for Ugandan School

Updated: Jul 24, 2018


Barbara, Founder of Kibuye Junior Primary School, Uganda

As part of our ‘JAF Global’ initiative to give a helping hand to young people worldwide, the Jimmy Asher Foundation has supported the education of underprivileged children abroad, from sponsoring a child’s school tuition fees in Portland, Jamaica to donating stationery, clothes and equipment to Fatima Preparatory School in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

Connie and Tesfa, our Jimmy Asher Foundation representatives in Uganda recently met with volunteer charity worker Monday Patrick, who introduced them to Barbara, the founder of of Kibuye Junior Primary School in Katwe, Kampala.

JAF Uganda Rep Connie with Volunteer Monday and the Children of Kibuye Junior Primary School

Barbara runs the school with the aim of educating young children from impoverished homes, but a few unfortunate events have hindered their progress. The latest incident took place after moving from their original school to a smaller building; a man posing as a Catholic Missionary offered to help the school, connecting them to a group of visiting American ‘Sponsors’ who generously donated blankets and various goods to the pupils, hosting fun events which boosted the morale of all. Unfortunately, after the sponsors returned to the US, the ‘Missionary’ unexpectedly returned to the school with a truck and collected all of the donated items in order to sell them and pocket the proceeds. This devastated Barbara and the pupils, leaving them more vulnerable than ever, to the point where they are now cautious of accepting help from an authentic organisation like the Jimmy Asher Foundation. The school is one of the poorest in Katwe, and Barbara is struggling to educate the pupils with little to no resources.

We are collecting school text and exercise books, stationery and children’s clothing & footwear to send to Kibuye Junior Primary School and help to create a better learning environment for the pupils. Please help if you can by donating such items to JAF. Clothes must be in a clean condition and shoes bagged or tied together in pairs.

Please contact us at or 02038799520 if you have any suitable goods to donate.

We thank you in advance for your generosity!



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