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Labour MP Takes Tooting Youth to Parliament


Tooting Labour MP Dr Rosena Allin-Khan with JAF staff and youth

The Jimmy Asher Foundation recently took a group of young people on a tour of the Houses of Parliament with Tooting Labour MP Dr Rosena Allin-Khan.

Tooting-based Jimmy Asher Foundation (JAF) organise youth events and weekly programmes in schools and youth clubs across London, ranging from Healthy Cooking workshops to Sports coaching/tournaments, and even Radio Broadcasting workshops which have now led to a weekly youth–led radio show.

Dr Allin-Khan invited JAF Co-Founder Joseph Maye to take a few young people from the various youth projects on the tour in order for them to experience being in a political environment. The teens were surprised by the high level of security in and around the building and were particularly excited to step inside the House of Commons with its renowned green furnishing - a place they’d only ever seen on television.

The tour also included a Q & A session with Dr Allin-Khan, during which the young people were able to find out more about the role of local MPs and the inner workings of Parliament. The Labour MP explained her journey to becoming a politician, including her humble working-class upbringing and career as a Junior Doctor.

The group discussed the importance of youth interest and involvement in politics, despite the current disconnect, with the young people believing their voices are neither heard nor utilised by Politicians.

The young people from JAF on the way to the Houses of Parliament

The visit sparked strong political interest in one young visitor in particular, who has since requested contact with Dr Allin-Khan in order to discuss current youth issues in her constituency.

The Jimmy Asher Foundation would like to thank Dr Rosena Allin-Khan for facilitating the Houses of Parliament youth tour. It was a brilliant afternoon that was thoroughly enjoyed and left a lasting impression on everyone.



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